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>>  Project and Corporate Finance
At BurnVoir Corporate Finance we have the skills to be able to develop and implement finance plans covering the full range of project finance options.
We can provide our clients with a full scope of services including arranging bank debt, capital markets debt and mezzanine products. Arranging institutional equity and providing advice on development of bankable feasibility studies.
   Project Finance
Detailed knowledge and specialist advice on the structure of project finance facilities.
Raising of finance for major projects for which repayment of the lenders relies on the cash flow generated by that project.
Negotiation of debt structure and associated security package.
Optimal hedging structures
   Corporate Debt
Advice on debt sizing and capital structuring.
An extensive network of domestic and international banking and debt capital markets contacts.
Specific advice relating to hedging structures and products.
Co-ordinating and communicating with multiple lending groups.
   Hybrid Instruments
Flexible and less need for complex coordination.
Liquid investor base for hybrids, allowing ready financing when required.
Likely more dilutive to equity than straight debt financing, but cheaper than pure equity financing.
Can be tailored to specific situations, asset and companies.
   Offtaker Finance
BurnVoir can provide access through our extensive network to potential offtakers.
Direct investment from potential offtakers can be provided at an early stage of development, and will minimise development risk.
Effectively de-risks project cash flows and provides value uplift.

  Project and Corporate Finance
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